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There are so many great courses and information out there but businesses are still struggling. 

I have a friend with a start-up that is not in the position to pay for A VA monthly or even on an ad-hoc basis, I would direct her to perfectly great resources to learn from but she still struggled. She said she does not enjoy theoretical based learning without context for her specific business. 

She asked if I would consider training her in person where she can ask me questions relative to her business niche. 

Then it hit me. There must be others like her that need a bit more than theory.

You may even need some help to apply the information in a way that makes sense for your business and can ask questions on the spot. They simply learn better with practical in-person learning. Aka Action-Based Learning. 

Action-based learning refers to all learning that is orchestrated by some activity on the part of learners. This teaching methodology is based on the brain research that supports improved learning and retention by doing activities.

These activities occur in a variety of contexts including “individualized self-paced,” and “cooperative or collaborative group-based” educational settings.

So I am giving 10 small businesses the chance to attend an in-person course. 

I call it the watch, copy, grow  method. I am well-known for my analogy method of teaching. And of course, I am going to come armed with real-life examples from YOUR niche. 

This half-day training is going to be ACTION-based. After each theory session, there will be a practical session. 

After the session, we will have a “BOLDLY FORWARD” weekly meeting. 

Where we are going to keep each other accountable and tackle at least one thing that will push your business boldly forward.

What we tackle

Session Breakdown

Session one

We will start the day with fun 2022 vision board and goal planning. This is a great ice breaker that you can actually use. As a group we sit down and jot down what we want 2022 to look like for our business.

Session two

Brand Voice - Everyone is not your ideal client. I will help you find your voice by working out who your ideal client is so that you develop your voice around your ideal client and what she will resonate with.

Session three

2022 Calendar - I show you how to use Asana to create your entire years campaign calendar and then you brainstorm your ideas and apply it to your calendar.

Session Four

Zero Budget Marketing Campaigns - I will show you all the elements that is needed to run big budget campaigns and then we work on how to apply that in your business.

Session Five

Offline Campaigns.- I will showcase offline campaign case studies and then you will brainstorm one campaign that could work for your business to implement and add to your 2022 calendar

Session Six

Productivity Method - I will show you how my to break up your day for maximum productivity, show you the tools I use and then you create you time blocking day with a time blocking diary that I have created.

Session Seven

Customer Journey - I will show you how to map out your customer journey process and then you brainstorm and create your customer journey right there and then.

Session Eight

Collab Case Studies, How to increase your revenue, choose the right collabs and how to propose a collab with examples and with script samples to use to book your first own collab.

Session Nine

Clever PR Campaigns.- I will show you some off the best FREE or low budget small business PR Campaigns and you will brainstorm some campaign ideas to add to your calendar.

Session TEN

Designing a social media post quickly for those with ZERO design skills. The best keywords as a group we will all schedule the post we created at the same time.

Session eleven

2022 Calendar - I show you how to use Asana to create your entire years content calendar and then you brainstorm your ideas and apply it to your calendar.

Boldly Forward

Our group will meet weekly for a boldly foward session where we keep each other accountable and do our weekly to do list

Date: 4 Dec

Venue: Nooiensfontein Rd, Kuils River

Investment: R1200

*Only 10 places avalaible. R300 Secures your spot. 

** Payment options available. 

What's Included


If you show up to every boldly forward session you will get 50% off any of the following.