Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to the questions we receive the most about our services.
If we missed anything, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help

Anyone! As we are a bespoke service, we try to ensure we can meet everyone’s needs and we pride ourselves on our diverse client base from start-up businesses and large corporate companies to actresses and jewellery makers, individuals or teams. Even families and friends can benefit from a virtual personal assistant as stress levels decrease and more time is freed up for socialising, playing with the kids or taking holidays.

Nobody likes to spend money on overheads, but consider how much time you’re currently wasting on administrative tasks and how much your business could benefit from your focused attention. We’re confident you’ll feel its worth the investment.

Our team work standard business hours (Monday to Friday). You can submit your tasks anytime, day or night, weekday or weekend and your personal assistant will receive the task(s) the following business day to begin working on them.

This, of course, depends greatly on the nature (complexity and volume) of the tasks. 

Assistants manage their own workloads and often serve more than one client, therefore, your assignments should contain clear objectives, time limits and deadlines.

We adapt to the tools and platforms that work for you. Our existing clients delegate tasks through project management platforms such as Asana, email and WhatsApp messenger are also effective.

We have a variety of monthly plans available. Click here to read more about the options we have available. After the completion of your first plan, you are billed 7 days before your next plans start date. If you are unhappy with the service, you may cancel your plan anytime within the first 30 days and thereafter 1 months’ notice is required.

By maintaining regular contact with your assistant, you will keep up to date with the hours she has utilised and/or plan for the remaining hours.

We keep detailed timesheets that we can share when invoicing. 

Absolutely. Your personal assistant can arrange meetings and manage your calendar with ease. Simply share and grant your assistant access to manage your calendar. It’s that simple!

We pride ourselves in our placement process and have countless success stories to match. 

Our scrupulous process starts when we assess your scope of work thoroughly before communicating the available position to our team.  Then a dedicated Team Manager hand-picks the best of the candidates.

The entire team has undergone screening prior to joining AdminAssist but once a position is posted, all interested parties are re-screened for the specific position before placement is done.

Although an interview by the client is not impossible, it prolongs the placement process and therefore is not encouraged. 

Further to that, all our assistants sign a Confidentiality Agreement upon joining our team. If you would like any additional contracts or Non-disclosure Agreements to be signed with the assistant supporting you, we can discuss the matter. 

Unless this is part of the specified scope we agreed to, cold calling (or sales calls) is not part of our services.  Instead, why not let the assistant relieve you of admin duties, creating more time for you to handle those important calls?